Chinese Audiovisual Educational Foundation, established under the Civil Code as well as Regulation of Educational Legal foundation by Ministry of Education in January 1986, was funded by Cheng Mei-Sheng, the director and supervisor of the Aveducttion Association of Republic of China, as well as other people from this association. Besides, those who’ve put much effort into work on audio-visual education also donated lots of money to the foundation.


The aim of this foundation is to do research and promote audio-visual education, and provides services such as “promoting research and application of audio-visual education theories, holding related meetings and activities, providing scholarships for audio-visual education and teacher training, and assisting in the development of the Aveducttion Association of Republic of China.


The 11th Board of Directors


  • Chairman of the Board:  Sheau-Ting Chang

  • Chief Executive Officer:  Yuen-Kuang Cliff Liao


  • Directors of the Board:

Zhong-Yuan Wang

Yen-Chao Wang

Tsa-Kang Clarence Chu

Chi-Cheng Chang

Ming-Der Wu

Wu-Tien Wu

Shih-Chang Hsin

Shi-Min Lee

Chien-Hsing Lee

Hung-Liang Lee

Jian-Chi Tsuei

Chaoyun Chaucer Liang

Man-Jiun Chen

Wen-Jing Shan

Yang Mei-Hsueh Tsai

Kuo-Shih Yang

Yuen-Kuang Cliff Liao

Thin-By Liu

Bing-Yu Yan

Shang-Ren Kwan


  • Secretarial Section: Yen-Chao Wang

  • Administrative Affair Section: Shi-Min Lee


  • Director of Finance Section: Hung-Jang Teng


  • Vice Director of Finance Section: Man-Jiun Chen


  • Secretary: Li-Jen Shiau