Apply for membership

When applying for the membership, you need to prepare and fill out an application form and then get approved by the board of directors. Except for sponsor and honored members, all the members should pay the initial annunal fee to get the membership.


  • Individual / Student / Tenure Membership è application form

  • Group Membership è additional requirement& application form


Types of Membership and Requirements

Those who agree with the purpose of TAECT are welcome to apply for the membership. The following shows the requirements for certain types of membership.


Individual membership

  1. those who work in education-and-cultural fields and are interested in education technology as well as audio-visual communication

  2. those who are 20 years old or above

  3. those who have R.O.C nationality or ARC

  4. the applicant should be recommended by at least 2 members from TAECT.

  5. The applicant should match all the 4 requirements above and then get approved by the board of directors.


Group membership

  1. Schools, social educational institutes, academic associations, or institutes that produce teaching materials for audio-visual media and computer

  2. The applicant should be recommended by 3 members from TAECT.

  3. The applicant should match all the 2 requirements above and then get approved by the board of directors.

  4. Every group should assign one person to exercise the rights of the membership.


Sponsor membership

  1. Those who, either as an individual or as a group, have sponsored TAECT.

  2. The applicant should get approved by the board of directors.


Honored membership

  1. Those who have devoted considerable efforts to the academy of education technology in Taiwan or the development of TAECT.

  2. The applicant should get recommended by the board of directors and then get approved during the conference of TAECT members.


Student membership

  1. Undergraduate or graduate students with majors in technology, education, or audio-visual communication, etc.


Payment (annual fee)

  1. Individual membership 1000 NTD

  2. Group membership 8000 NTD

  3. Student membership 500 NTD

  4. Tenure membership 10000 NTD (Once the 10000 NTD is paid, the member doesn’t need to pay the annual fee anymore)


Obligations as a member

TAECT members are obligated to follow the rules and pay the annual fee. Those who don’t submit the payment will no longer retain the rights, and they will be disqualified if they have not paid for two consecutive years. The disqualified members can regain their membership and rights by providing decent reasons and paying the annual fees for the past two years they have missed.


Rights for the members

TAECT members, except for sponsor members, honored members, and student members, hold the rights to vote, to elect, to get elected, and to recall.


Revoking the membership

The member violating the rules will received an official written warning letter or get suspended with the consent from over 2/3 of the councilors who attend the council. For those who with serious cases, their membership will be revoked also with the consent from the council.